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Jobs / Business Introduction

Any Associates Once registered with us they are Part of our RC Jobs Family. They can do all kind of Job works provided by us with single registration like Prime or Privilege Registration. As you are now the independent working associates of RC JOBS INFO CONSULTANCY.

Now you are eligible for add posting & e mail sending promotional work and typing work with us. You can promote Business any ware in the country through add posting to anyone Who is searching for part time or full time jobs or Business Opportunity without risk and investment. If you refer a person you have to guide and train them about nature of work and terms and Conditions.

Here you will have huge opportunity to earn unlimited Income by affiliation / data entry/ add posting/ Email sending with us in your part time or free time work,  depending your talent, sincerity and dedication towards this business.

We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to full fill your dreams.

Privilege registration: Rs. 1000

Above mentioned all four work you can do here no time limit (data entry 25 pages 8 day time limit).

Prime registration: Rs. 600

Here you can do only promotion work like add posting, E mail sending, Affiliation and typing work promotions no time limit.

Presenting the following jobs:

  1. Add Posting and referral Jobs.
  2. Email Sending and Job Promotion.
  3. India Club “ Go Swadeshi Grow Rich ” affiliate Jobs.
  4. Data Entry typing work.

Nature Of work

RC Job Affiliate or Referral Marketing

We will affiliate for many companies and we will provide latest information about works and business opportunities on global digital market / Direct selling affiliate marketing opportunities. All over India and abroad, as per market Demand in future.
Present available Affiliate Job is “ India Club Go Swadeshi Grow Rich” Concept.

Here you are the independent business associate working with us. Online Add posting is the simple copy paste work. Through add posting you will get new referral registrations to company.

Once you Purchase Privilege Pack You Can Post Ads through Right Click Ads website for one Month and if You Purchase Prime Package you can post ads for fifteen Days.

You have to Guide and train new registered candidates about company job works and terms and conditions, for that you will get Training Fees Rs 250/- for prime associates and Rs 450/- for privilege associates.

No limit for new registrations. If you register five or more than five candidates in a Week you will get weekly performance Bonus Rs 25/- Extra for each registrations and 30 + registration in a month again you will get Rs 25 monthly Bonus for each Registration.

  • Registration Charges For Privilege Associate Rs 1000/-
  • Registration Charges for Prime Associate Rs 600/-

(Please note: Training Fee of the week will be Paid every Monday or Tuesday. 5% TDS & 5% Service Charges will be Deducted)

Training Fee for PromotersRs. 250Rs. 450
Weekly PaymentMondayMonday

We will provide you 500 + Mail ID list and the content. You have to Send Mail to those prospectuses.

If someone will get registered you will get Payment. Basically main criteria involved in E mail sending job is that advertising about the part time jobs offered by the company.

Here all so you can earn through new registration as mentioned above. Training Fee Rs. 250 / Rs. 450.

“Go cashless grow rich concept”

We are Promoting digital “India go-cashless” concept “Less cash economy” initiated by government of India. Through E commerce business referral marketing system you can earn regular income without investing anything, through this opportunity. Here we will get Passive income by team work benefit. One time effort will provide life time returns through this Simple referral Business.

How to Start & What to Do?

Step 1: Registration

First you have to get registered with the Company “INDIA CLUB CORPORATION” as Affiliate Partner, Its Free registration. for income eligibility you have to activate your registration.

Needful information for registration:

  1. Name (As on bank pass book)
  2. Mobile No
  3. Email ID
  4. Date of birth

Step 2: Start Shopping and Promotion

The Company is promoting people to buy swadeshi brands through swadeshi prachaar abhiyaan. it helps our Country India will become one of the strong economy in the world.  By using swadeshi products so that our industries will grow it create more opportunity to new start ups inside India and all so creates many jobs for us.

3.how it works

India club will Provide two platform 1. Social 2. Bussiness

here tow types of participation

1. supporters  those who interested in social work

2. Promoters those who interested in Business


After registration you have to activate your registration to get activation you have to pay rs 100 one time for life time membership. for your payment company will provide one information e book to you which cost rs 100.

at the time of registration member can announce his blood group as donor it reflect all customer ID. if some one have emergency to get blood they can easily find the donors information’s anywhere in the country patients nearest location. it help society these are tow social cause of company.

company will start swadeshi shopping malls everywhere in the country. customer will get purchase discount over their. if customer introduce 10 friends he will qualify for benefit club. and consider as royal customer. benefit club qualifier will get double discount than normal customer and all benefit club qualifiers are having eligibility to get success share of company in long term it will be huge benefit for them

Promotors :

here you have huge opportunity to grow rich

1.Super Promotor

2.Master Promoer


for more information visit www.indiaclub.co

We will provide data image files of 25 pages for privilege associates (time limit 8  days). if your firs project work is success according to our terms we will refund your registration charges of Rs 1000/- with benefit of Rs 750 /-  ( Total Rs 1750 ) if you failed in first Sample Project your work will comes to end you will not get any new project and you will not get any payment for rejected work. than you can do add posting  and promotion work for future income. if candidate pass first typing work they consider for future work according to work availability we will Share future typing works among eligible candidates. payment for 2nd and future  projects with work perfection Privilege associate can earn Rs-1750/- per project. it means Rs 70 per page.


    • Completed project work should be perfect as it is as given images.
    • customer should type on note pad only he cant share the work with friends. if using word pad  system will automatically rejects such projects if using third party software all so auto rejects and will not get Quality checking report and your typing work will comes to end
    • If our accuracy checking team found 15 or more than 15 errors any were in a given project such project will be rejected and Data entry work will end for such associates.
    • No payment will made for such rejected project works.
    • If you failed in your typing Work you will disqualify for Data entry works in Future.
    • Regular typing Works depending on availability of works.

Only Data entry Typing work Have certain Conditions! All other works have no conditions you can earn unlimited referral income through add posting and affiliation works – no time limit.

No. of pages per projectNo typing work25 pages
Time LimitNo8 days
Payment per project NoRs. 1750
(Rs. 70 x 25 pages)
(First 1000 + 750 )
Weekly PaymentNoMonday or Tuesday